Ms. Shona Lowe

6th Reading & Language Arts

Byrd, Sierra Rayne
Carroll, Isaiah Rayne
Carson, Prailee Cheyenne
Cook, Afton Jolyna
Crabtree, Brady Cole
Cross, Mikel Don
Goodman, Jacey Marie
Goodman, Lazarus Jayden
Mason, Ethan Tyler
Pickard, Daniel Alan
Silcox, Issac Lee
Strunk, Calli Danielle
West, Hunter Shawn
Whitehead, Shylie Lashay







Parent Corner for Reading Websites:

  • This website will give you some tips on how to plan a reading session that will.  This site has many other links to reading games to article that will help you to help your child read.
  • This website provides games and online stories along with other resources.
  • This website has different vocabulary games. Just click on the skill that your child needs practice or just likes to work with.