Mr. David Snodgrass

5th - 8th Band, Kindergarten & Pre-K Music

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Planning Period: M-F 8:35-8:50, M & W 9:35-10:20


  • Lunsford Musical Instruments will be at SHS on Tuesday, August 23 from 5:00-7:00 PM to offer affordable instrument rentals to Scott County band students. For more info, contact Mr. Snodgrass at 663-3700.

2016 FES Band Handbook


First off, welcome back!! I hope that everyone had a great summer, and to all you who attended the middle school band camp: that was a performance of which to be proud; keep building off of that! Mr. Elliott has done a great job building the band program and I intend to pick up where he left off, taking it to new heights. For parents of prospective 5th and 6th grade band students, please watch this short video.


Included below are the classroom policies and procedures, resolution plan, and concert/event schedule. Students and parents please familiarize yourselves with these items, and let’s have a great year!!


Classroom Policies and Procedures

1. Please come to class prepared. This means you need your instrument (once assigned), all distributed music, a pencil (with eraser), and a good attitude!
2. Please treat your classmates, instructor(s), instrument, and all school equipment with respect.
3. Students will be required to practice outside of school hours for at least 60 minutes per week, split into at least 3 sessions. That’s only 20 minutes 3 times a week. Easy, right? Practice Slips will be provided on Fridays and due the following Friday with a parent/guardian signature. These slips will apply towards your participation points for the year.
4. Be prepared to make mistakes. Every musician who ever lived made mistakes. In our classroom, we call mistakes “opportunities.” When opportunities occur, we should simply try to learn from it to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.
5. Have fun! There is nothing more exciting than working as a team, performing separate, but equal parts which form the whole.


Resolution Plan

Here in the band, we like to take care of business, but if problems arise we will strive to resolve issues in-house. Here are the steps of escalation.


1. Forgetting your instrument will cut your Daily Participation (DP) grade by 50%. Anyone without an instrument should softly sing their parts as the rest of the class plays. Refusal will result in a zero for DP. Forgotten music, lack of pencil, or a bad attitude will result in a 25% loss of DP points. Habitual offenses will result in a call/email to parent/guardian.
2. Mistreatment of a classmate, instructor, instrument, or school equipment will result in a mark. Marks are tallied throughout the year, and certain milestones will have specific consequences. Marks will reset at winter break, but will not be forgotten.

5 Marks- 3 paragraph essay about the challenges you face both technically playing your instrument and musically to be completed at home and turned in at the beginning of the next class. Failure to comply will result in loss of DP and another mark.

10 Marks- Call/Email to parent/guardian

12 Marks- Conference with Mr. Snodgrass and Principal Watson

15 Marks- Conference with parent/guardian

16 Marks- Dismissal from the band


Concert/Event Schedule

So far, the only date on the books is our instrument rental night, AUGUST 23, location TBA from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Rental forms will be passed out soon. I’d like to thank Lunsford’s for offering these great deals to the students and for coming to the school for your convenience. Any students who are unable to rent will be assigned a school-owned instrument while supplies last. Please be aware that if your child uses a school-owned instrument, he/she may not get his/her first choice, and parents will be required to sign an agreement taking responsibility for the instrument while in the student’s possession.


Please check back as we get more concrete plans in place.