Family Engagement

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We are proud of the strong relationship we have with our families and community. We strive to keep you better informed of your child’s education, as well as offer several opportunities in which you can become more involved in your child’s school. Here are just a few examples:

  • Classroom Websites - Each class website includes the teacher's email address, planning period, class news, and any homework assignments for the week.

  • Progress Reports - Many eachers send home weekly reports. All teachers send progress reports each mid-nine weeks.

  • Report Cards - Report cards are sent home at the end of each nine weeks.

  • Parent Conferences - These conferences are held at the end of the 1st and 4th nine weeks.

  • Back to School Night - This event is held at the beginning of each school year and gives parents the chance to meet the teachers.

  • Family Reading Night - This monthly event invites families to read with their children. Students can then take A.R. tests on the books.



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Parents Make the Difference monthly parent newsletter.



Our volunteer of the month is Savannah Kidd.

She volunteered in our PreK class.


Thank You to Our Volunteers!


Rebel Supporters - 2016-17 Basketball uniforms

Joy & Tommy Silcox - Donated concessions to football games

Danny Burress - Christmas

Nadine Watson - Office Volunteer

Kacey King - Discovery Park of America

Angela Lowe - Book Fair Volunteer

Cynthia McCarty - Book Fair Volunteer

Nelda Norris - Book Fair Volunteer

Curtis Meredith - Classroom Volunteer

Isaac Isabel - Soccer

Angela Lowe - Book Fair Volunteer

Cynthia McCarty - Book Fair Volunteer

Chastian Lewis - Book Fair Volunteer

Michelle and Daniel King - Raezack's

Chris Carroll - Classroom Volunteer

Dustin Pennington - Fall Decorations

Marvin Lowe - Fall Decorations

Megan Pennington - Fall Decorations

Robert Byrge - Fall Decorations

Arnold West​ - Fall Decorations

Tracy Lowe - PreK Volunteer

Sherri Walden

Jeff Watson

James & Nadine Watson

Parent volunteers - Halloween

Mikel & Rebekah Cross - Kindergarten Pumpkins

Sherry Strunk -  Sports Photographer

Kathleen Pennington - Basketball

Lesa Mason - Basketball

Connie Hatmaker - School Dance

Angela Lowe - Cheerleaders

Stacey Bell - Book Fair

Chastian Lewis - Book Fair

Angie Lowe - Book Fair

Tara Phillips - Book Fair

Connie Whaley - Book Fair

Cory Day - Office

Bob and Wanda Lay - Carnival

Delaney West - Carnival

Odis & Janis Owens - Carnival

Ursula Sexton - Carnival

Dustin & Dominique Brummet - Carnival

Robert Byrge - Fall Decorations

Marvin Lowe - Fall Decorations

Megan Pennington - Fall Decorations

Dustin Pennington - Fall Decorations

Carter Owens - Fun Day

Jonathan Bridges - Football Concessions

Breanna Byrge - Football Concessions

Destiny Lawson - Football Concessions

Lariah Lowe - Football Concessions

MaKayla Newport - Football Concessions

Jordan Dopp - Football Concessions

Jacob Hughett - Football Concessions

Mackensey Lowe - Football Concessions

Bailee Strunk - Football Concessions

Haley Myers - Football Concessions

Hannah Myers - Football Concessions

Kristi Russ - basketball fundraising

Egbert Hembree - basketball

Cody Day - basketball

Parents in Karen Hammock's class - Halloween party supplies

Gretchen Stephens - Sugar & Spice

Halea Marlow - Sugar & Spice

Angela Lowe - Band

Rose Krahn - Kindergarten

Daryl Krahn - Kindergarten

Moe Crabtree - Kindergarten/bus

Jodie Watson - Book Fair

Jim & Terri Gislason - School Supplies

Jason Bridges - Academic Team

Bradley Stephens - Basketball

Melissa Hawkins - Band

James & Nadine Watson

Ted Williams

Megan Pennington

Dustin Pennington

Sam Krahn

Don & Jordan Hughett

Dustin Bowling

Jeremy & Tonya Carson

Egbert & Amelia Hembree

Pam Lloyd

Joyce Strunk

Jordan Boshears

Chelsie Duncan

Marie Chambers

Rebecca Gunter

Margaret Day

Heather Lowe



Upcoming Events

Thu Sep 23
Football Homecoming & 8th Grade Night
Thu Sep 23
Football Team Pictures: 4:30 PM
Thu Sep 23 @ 3:00PM - 07:00PM
Silent Auction
Fri Sep 24 @ 5:00PM -
CC Meet: 5:00 PM @ SHS Track