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    School History

    Fairview Elementary School is located in Scott County, in the city of Huntsville, Tennessee. The school opened in 1985. Fairview’s opening combined the schools of Norma and Capitol Hill.  In selecting the new school’s colors and mascot, Capitol Hill selected red, white, and blue while Norma selected the Rebels. Two additions have been added to the school since it’s opening. In 1991, our first football team was formed and was coached by Elmer Patrick.

    Currently, Fairview is a Pre-K through eighth grade school with an enrollment of approximately 400 students. In May 2000, the school was awarded accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (S.A.C.S.). Our school was the first elementary school in Scott County to be awarded this honor.

    We have had seven principals at Fairview School since our opening. Our principals have been T.L. Lay, William (Ikey) Duncan, Joe Robbins, Ken Davidson, Linda Sharp, Denise Watson, and Scott Cash. Our school board members have been Mack Byrd, Beverly Washam, Brian Strunk, and Tommy Silcox.



    Homeroom Placement (Grades 3-8)

    In order to have appropriate placement in intervention programs, and to meet the needs of individual students academically, it is sometimes necessary to change a student's homeroom placement.  This allows us to differentiate instruction to levels that will most appropriately benefit all of our students.  If a change in homeroom placement is necessary to better meet the needs of your child, you will be notified accordingly. Thank you for your continued support!



    Morning Arrival & Afternoon Dismissal Information

    For your child's safety, please do not drop-off students before 7:25 AM. There is no one on bus duty before this time and your child cannot be supervised.

    If parents need to discuss an issue with a teacher, please call during the teacher's planning time, make an appointment, leave a message with the office, or email the teacher. Planning times and email addresses are listed on the teacher's classroom website.

    Assistants and teachers will walk out the walkers and riders to the front of the building near the main entrance.  They will be checking off who picks up each child. For your child's safety, students will only be allowed to leave with the person listed on the pickup list. Car riders are picked up at 3:05 PM.

    Visitors: All visitors must sign-in at the office window. Students arriving after 7:50 must be signed in by the person who brings them to school.

    Emergency School Information: All information will be sent by the School Reach phone system, so it's important that we have your correct phone number.  This becomes particularly important during the winter months. The school website, Facebook, and the school sign will be updated regularly with school events.

    Cafeteria Information


    School breakfast and lunch is FREE for all students!

    Delivery of outside food is prohibited to any time prior to 1:00 PM (School Handbook pg. 17). This means that no outside food (restaurant food boxes, carry out trays, etc.) can be brought into the cafeteria. Lunches brought from home need to be carried in a lunch bag or box.

    Also, please remember that students cannot drink soda, Gatorade, or other sports drinks in the cafeteria. The only exception is if the juice is 100% fruit juice. Even if students bring their lunch, all drinks need to be in a thermos. The only exception is water bottles.

    Thank you for your cooperation.



    Personal Belongings: Please write your child's name on backpacks, jackets, eyeglass cases, lunch boxes, and any other personal items.




    Our school participates in Labels for Education. In the past, we have been able to purchase playground equipment, listening centers, computer programs, and teaching materials with the help of this program. On this page, you will see the labels we collect. Please send labels to your child's teacher throughout the year!

    We appreciate your help!


    *Box Tops will be submitted in November and March.



    Pizza Hut Book It Pizza Hut: Book It! Program Open Registration Closing Soon

    Students in Grades K-6 will be participating in Pizza Hut's Book It! program this year. Teachers will set reading goals for your child, and if the student reaches his/her monthly goal, the child will receive a certificate for a free personal pan pizza. Thank you for encouraging your child to read!


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