Our Mission

The mission of Fairview School is for all students to know how to read, write, and perform mathematics and for all students to become proficient or advanced in these subjects by the end of the eighth grade.

Our Goals

  • To have the resources and means to promote a higher standard of learning by using indicators such as TCAP, State Report Cards, TVAAS Reports, and the Writing Assessment
  • To instill in students the importance of an education now and into the future
  • To supply students with services to enhance safety and general well-being
  • To ensure the abilities of every child are understood, nurtured, and developed
  • To endow students with suitable skills for professional development based on designated instructional needs for the correlation of instructional purposes, citizenship development, high self-esteem and behavior management

Our Vision

It is the vision of Fairview School to inspire our families, our school, and our community members to focus on building a partnership, which allows students to achieve their full learning potential.

Our Beliefs

  • Every child deserves an equal and complete education.
  • Education is a group effort comprised of teachers, parents, and the community.
  • To construct the best education possible, policies must be implemented to provide a safe and enjoyable learning experience for the student
  • The school will strive towards the common goal of utilizing the value of instruction time to its fullest potential.
  • Fairview School demonstrates values and responsibilities to teach students the importance of good decision-making skills that will follow them throughout life.
  • Every child should respect alternate cultural backgrounds and different ethnic diversities.
  • The support of stakeholders and teaching staff is essential for regular school attendance and for maximum academic potential.
  • Through testing and assessment, teachers can focus on the instructional and developmental needs of the child.
  • Building self-esteem and social confidence can be attained by providing a positive reinforcement atmosphere.


Upcoming Events

Thu Sep 23
Football Homecoming & 8th Grade Night
Thu Sep 23
Football Team Pictures: 4:30 PM
Thu Sep 23 @ 3:00PM - 07:00PM
Silent Auction
Fri Sep 24 @ 5:00PM -
CC Meet: 5:00 PM @ SHS Track