Scott County Schools K-8 Menu

(Menus are subject to change)

*USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.*


Lunch Prices:

Students: FREE! 

Staff: $3.75

Visitors: $4.00

Holidays-Visitors: $5.00

Breakfast Prices:

Students: FREE! - 2nd breakfast $1.50

Adults/Visitors - $2.25


Scott County Schools offers a FREE Breakfast and Lunch for all students!

Milk with 1% or less fat is offered at every meal.  Fresh fruit/juice or vegetable is served every day.  Substitutions and additions can occur.

All grain items served for breakfast are at least 50% Whole Grain Rich.  No foods on the menu have added Trans Fat.

USDA approved breakfast is considered to be three selections from the following:  Grain (s), or Grain(s) and Protein, Fruit or Vegetable, Milk.

Milk that is 1% or less fat is offered at every meal.  All flavored milk is fat free.  Substitutions and additions can occur.  We encourage the consumption of fruit and vegetables at each meal.

WG=Whole Grain Rich and will be at least 50% Whole Grain.

“This institution is an equal opportunity provider.”