Scott County Schools K-8 Menu

September 2014

(Menus are subject to change)

Monday Sept 8 - Big Daddy Cheese Pizza or Turkey and Cheese Wrap with Chips

Tuesday Sept 9 - Chef Salad w/ Crackers, Fruit & Milk OR Pepperoni Pizza OR Chicken Sandwich
Baked Fries, Steamed Broccoli, Sandwich Garnish, Berry Cups, Milk.

Wednesday Sept 10 - Pizza or Hamburger, fresh carrots, baked beans, baked fries, fruit, milk

Thursday Sept 11 -  Baked ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, roll, fruit, milk

Friday Sept 12 - Chef Salad w/Cracker, Fruit & Milk OR BBQ Rib Sandwich, Garden Salad w/ranch, Doritos, Apple Slices, Milk




Monday Sept 15 - Big Daddy Cheese Pizza or Chicken Nuggets, baked fries, salad, fruit, milk

Tuesday Sept 16 - Corn Dog or Mac/Cheese with Cornbread, Pinto beans, mixed greens, fruit, milk

Wednesday Sept 17 - Spaghetti or Pizza, green beans, salad, fruit, milk

Thursday, Sept 18 - Hamburger Steak, baked potato, roll, broccoli, fruit, milk

Friday, Sept 19 - Pizza or Taco Salad, Corn, Veggies with ranch, watermelon



Monday,  Sept 22 - Spicy Chicken Sandwich or Big Daddy's Cheese Pizza, oven roasted veggies, fruit, milk

Tuesday, Sept 23 - Hamburger, baked fries, baked beans, veggies, fruit, milk

Wednesday Sept 24 - Chicken tenders or Pizza, oven roasted red potatoes, broccoli, fruit, milk

Thursday Sept 25 - Turkey w/gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, roll, fruit, milk

Friday Sept 26 - Pizza or Italian Deli Wrap, salad, corn, fruit, milk



Monday Sept 29 - Big Daddy Cheese Pizza or Corn Dog or Burrito; Refried beans, tortilla w/ salsa, garden salad w/ranch, watermelon

Tuesday Sept 30 - Spaghetti w/meat sauce, green beans, garden salad w/ranch, garlic toast, oranges, grapes

Wed, Oct 1 - Fiesta Pizza or Chicken Nuggets w/roll; baked fries, broccoli, orange slices, applesauce

Thurs, Oct 2 - Chicken patty, mashed potatoes, green beans, roll, peaches, cantaloupe

Friday, Oct 3 - Pizza or Chili w/ PB & J; crackers, carrots, apple slices


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